Leadership & culture transformation journeys

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Nothing changes unless people do

Our ever-changing world brings to light organizations’ biggest challenges: embracing new technology, speeding up innovation and showing leadership. Only people make change happen. People who embrace opportunities and strive for renewal.



Your leaders transform culture and drive performance

Our services cover three interrelated areas: transforming leaders, aligning teams and developing organizational culture.
We do that in three different ways: by offering integral leadership journeys, consultancy, and interim management.


Our new era calls for a new approach

No academic courses but immersive learning experiences, no classical training courses but a continuous development journey, no overarching management models but beyond ‘thinking and talking about’.

One of VisieScope’s locations (The Hague)
  • Self-awareness & mindset shift surge for everyone
  • Leaders establish the right priorities and decisions
  • They become role-models
  • Teams become aligned and trusting
  • They welcome discomfort, conflict and feedback
  • Top-notch teamwork and cross-collaboration
  • Leaders ensure that everyone is carried along
  • A culture of renewal & innovation
  • Notable increase in business performance

Examples of our work

Transforming 6.000 leaders worldwide – Staffing Industry

Designing and implementing a 3-year cultural-transformation program at the world’s leading workforce solutions company focused on all management layers in Europe (500 leaders, including the top 50) – Multi-layered leadership programs, including personal development (self-awareness, mindset- and behavior shift), people development (leading others effectively) and organizational development (leading business growth).
Crafting the global roll-out and preparing central departments to lead independently.

Transforming an Executive team – Financial Services company

Supporting the executive team of a key player in the Financial Services Industry in designing and implementing a rapid team transformation journey, helping team members to drive and accelerate culture change within the organization. Including clarifying relationships and resolving longstanding team conflicts, building trust, aligning on strategy and implementation plans, promoting open communication, cultivating a feedback culture, and enhancing daily operational effectiveness – top 15 executives – Due to its success, we expanded our work to all teams within the organization.

Transforming organizational culture – Integral leadership journey – Telecom company

Leading the human aspect of transformation for a prominent telecommunications company in the Netherlands, helping the Executive team and the Technology-, Commerce- & Operations- Leadership Teams in implementing a new operating model to significantly boost performance before the IPO. Including multi-layered leadership development programs, team-development, and aligning teams across clusters – fostering trust, positive conflict, collective ownership, and teamwork – Integrating vertical and horizontal cross-collaboration, and initiating speed-up & scale-up change teams across the organization. 45 Executive leaders, 150 managers and 150 talents – Company’s market value doubled within 2 years.

What’s in it for you?

A life-transforming change in your leaders’ leadership, your teams’ culture, and your company’s performance – simultaneously.

Our Clients

For 23 years we have supported organizations all over Europe in the sectors of Aerospace & Aviation, Central Government, Energy, Engineering, Fashion, Financial Services, Food Industry, Healthcare, Industrial & Electronics, IT, Logistics, Ministries, Municipalities, Pharmaceutical Industry, Retail, Staffing Industry, Technology & Telecommunications, Transport and Universities.


People & Partners

Founded in 2001 and operating across Europe, our people make the difference.