About VisieScope

VisieScope has been operating for more than 20 years, providing its services across Europe. Our headquarters are settled in the Netherlands (The Hague) and France (Paris).
We offer our services to Executive Teams and their management, in both private and public sectors.
Our own locations have been carefully selected and set up for transformation journeys. We firmly believe that the environment significantly enhances both inspiration and learning capacity.

About our people

VisieScope is a community of 30 senior facilitators connected by their top-level knowledge and experience.
Most of them have track records as executive and combine large experience in leading people through change with a profound background in driving business performance.
Whether they are leadership experts, debating specialists, professors, top athletes or artists, they have all reached the peak of their profession.

We also work closely with successful prestigious institutions and with a pool of around 50 specialists and guest speakers such as inspirational executives, innovators, and disruptors.

Beyond that, we all share the same purpose and values:
“If you want to change the world, excel in your field, be ambitious and be true to yourself ….. the world starts with you.”
Agnès Kusters-Mathey, founder


Join us

Our community is growing. If you’re Intrigued by our approach and believe you can contribute to the success of our clients, feel free to get in touch with us.