Beyond 'thinking and talking about'

Our disruptive business environment has changed what it means to be an impactful leader. Surprisingly, many leadership development programs have not yet caught up with new ways of preparing leaders for future challenges.

Instead, they have become increasingly ineffective and slow. Driven by outdated management models, programs are generally overly mental and therefore do not stick. One-off workshops are fragmenting leadership building and suppliers are scaling up group sizes, leading to uniformity and superficiality.

Leaders need a new approach that deeply impacts them and encourages them to do things differently.

If you do what you always did,
you will get what you always got

VisieScope approach

Highly customized

Over 20 years, we have never conducted two identical leadership programs. Your organization and your people are unique; only a tailor-made journey can have a significant impact. We diagnose, design, deliver and anchor journeys from the ground-up. Throughout the journey, we continuously monitor, customize, and adapt to emerging needs.

Learning experiences at the core

We guide you beyond conventional thinking by creating learning experiences. They help you explore new areas. We push comfort-zones, foster deep connections with your peers, and encourage constructive clash, propelling you forward.

Deep reflection and interaction

We stimulate self-awareness and the gaining of new perspectives by reflecting from multiple angles, including interaction with peers and leaders from other sectors, insights from sciences, nature, art, sports, Eastern philosophy, etc. We partner with famous universities, prestigious cultural institutions, Olympic sports associations, renowned leaders, and more.

Continuous development process

Behavioral change evolves over time. We challenge you to develop step-by-step, 24/7, over a period of 6 months to 2 years. Our support remains constant throughout the program, with our team readily available to assist you whenever needed.

Aligned with your next development phase

Your reflection is related to your next leadership stage and your organization’s challenges and business goals. We identify individuals’ and teams’ development potential, challenging you to embrace present and future opportunities.

Experimentation in daily operations

Insights are not enough, you must apply. We guide you through continuous experimentation within your daily practice, enhancing business performance by doing things differently.

Science & best practices

Our programs are firmly grounded in recent science. Scientists provide participants with fresh insights, while senior leadership experts guide and challenge them throughout their leadership journey. Leading organizations share breakthrough practices, challenging participants to elevate their own performance.

Your collaborative partner

We co-create and co-deliver. Each stage of our diagnose-design-deliver-anchor approach occurs in full collaboration with you, your team, and your leaders.

We make it fun

To facilitate the magic, we foster a safe climate that encourages openness, authenticity, and fun. Small groups enable deep reflection, focused attention for everyone, and close connection with others.