State-of-the-art leadership development

Our disruptive business environment over the last decade has changed what it means to have good leadership requirements. Surprisingly, many leadership development programs have not yet caught up with new ways of preparing leaders for future challenges.

Instead, they have become increasingly ineffective and slow. Driven by management models and a lot of talking, programs are generally overly intellectual. An abundance of one-off workshops is fragmenting opportunities for real leadership building. Suppliers are scaling up group sizes, leading to uniformity and superficiality.

Our new era requires a new approach. An approach that touches leaders’ souls and helps them to embody that what makes leaders great. An approach that empowers them through experiencing and doing, and that is based on scientific insights. An approach that customizes personal development and that brings humans back into the heart of organizations.

Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable - Banksy

VisieScope's way of working

Reflection, live experience, interaction and experimentation.

VisieScope’ programs revolve around reflection, live experience, interaction and experimentation. Your development is always related to the next meaningful phase of your life and to your organization’s themes and goals.

Development journey

Non-stop development process
Our programs involve a continuous development process spread over time rather than stand-alone interventions. You will be inspired, challenged and coached throughout your journey at both in-person sessions and between sessions.

Transformational learning

Touching your mind, body and soul
We create experiences that take you beyond ‘thinking and talking about’ and embody what makes leaders great. You understand, feel, experience, experiment and act. From dialogue to performances, silence to vibrant interaction, inspiring class locations to theaters, nature to the urban environment, self-reflection to acting, sharing to coaching. Leaders, scientist, philosophers, renowned artists, ….., will help you explore the unknown, where your untapped potential is.

Double focus

Personal and organization development
Our credo is that personal development leads to organizational development. We continuously emphasize the development of the leader embedded in his/her business.


Insights are not enough, you must apply
Make it happen! Don’t just stick to intentions and plans. During the journey, we continuously challenge you to translate new insights into your day-to-day practice and to transform your leadership in your daily work as well as in your life.

Positive approach

Positive mindset
We tap into individuals’ and teams’ talents and strengths. We foster understanding and embrace present and future opportunities. We create successful personal and work experiences that accelerate and reinforce new mindsets and behaviours.


Learning needs are personal
Everyone’s journey is unique. By drawing on a wide range of experiences, interventions, assignments and coaching, we customize our programs to meet everyone’s needs, both at individual and collective level.


Creation in the moment
Each journey grows from the here and now. We do not follow strict defined schedules or rigid models, instead we strive to do the right thing for both individuals and groups with one goal in mind: impact.

Science & business

Our programs are firmly grounded in recent science and business. Scientist help participants understand topics and gain new insights while senior leadership experts moderate the journeys and continuously challenge them on their leadership. Breakthrough business organizations share their best practices and challenge participants’ practice.

Safe climate

Results and fun
We create a safe and intimate climate that allows openness, authenticity and fun. Small groups allow deep reflection, focused attention for everyone, and close connection with others.