Shifts in people's behaviors driving organizations's performance

For 23 years, organizations have trusted us to support them in designing, delivering and anchoring their transformational leadership development.

They include global organizations such as Adecco Group, digital and technical driven companies such as VodafoneZiggo, to socially driven authorities such as the Dutch Court of Justice. They all have the same aspiration as your organization, namely:

  1. To shift to a sustainable transformational culture
  2. To develop leaders who drive a strong balance between personal power, teamwork, and performance
  3. To accelerate a human centered culture where strategy and people are intertwined in one futureproof organization
  4. To capitalize on individual and collective strengths to enhance drive and fast shifts
  1. To boost close teamwork
  2. To embrace new technology, digitalization and other opportunities
  3. To speed up innovation
  4. To ensure a meaningful work environment that retains people
  5. To enhance social sustainability

We offer transformation journeys covering three areas

Transforming leaders

Leadership is about introspection, choice, and ownership. We develop leaders’ by increasing their self-awareness, shifting their mindset and behavior.

End objectives are leading their teams throughout change and driving business performance.

Transforming teams

We develop collaboration within and across teams.

We foster trust among team members, shared interests & accountability, open communication, and constructive conflict to make magic.

Transforming organizational culture
We support identifying the desired behavioral change, creating change stories, shaping leadership role models, setting up supportive change mechanisms, and developing people across all levels of the organization. We anchor culture change by developing self-learning and accelerators teams.  
According to our clients, tangible results within a few months, and a profound transformation within 6 months to 2 years

Our services:

1. Integral leadership journeys
Culture change should permeate all layers of the organization, beginning with its leaders. We offer multi-layered programs and solutions that span horizontally, vertically, and across the entire organization. Ultimately, they all converge into a cohesive and integral transformation.

Diagnosing, designing, delivering, and anchoring programs from the ground-up

2. Consultancy
We conduct thorough analysis and provide expert guidance on necessary behavioral and cultural change.

3. Interim management
We provide temporary support to executive teams in establishing, reorganizing or leading their culture transformation departments.

4. Program management
We assist in establishing leadership academies and integrating facilitation skills into your teams to enable the scaling of programs across your organization.

Our services are mostly intertwined

We run programs in Dutch, English and French