Speed of change is organizations biggest challenge

The only certainty we have is that the world will continue to change, and so will companies and teams.

In the last three decades, the lifespan of organizations has significantly decreased, from 32 years to a modest 18* years. The speed of change has become the current Achilles’ heel of companies. They need to adapt quickly to new markets, internal structures, processes, and employees’ requirements.

Successful companies don’t rely solely on plans (ideal strategy and operating models on paper) but rather prioritize their implementation. Implementing is about people’s work, starting with strong leaders.

*  S&P 500 Index, Statista/ University of Oxford

Nothing changes unless people do

Organizations need leaders who strongly drive the balance between personal power, teamwork and performance. Great leaders set clear directions, mobilise their teams, energize and connect people and openly engage others. They are inspiring and a powerful role model for others. Performance comes from teamwork, and teamwork starts with personal power.

Great leaders know that personal growth never ends. They continuously challenge themselves on their own purpose and contribution. They sharpen their personal compass to guide them in taking the right decisions and actions, and to keep them grounded in what matters, whether in times of triumph or stress.

Growth is attainable for any leader who dares explore the unknown and to do things they never did before, fostering their own renewal and performance.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

Marcel Proust