For 18 years, organizations have trusted us to support them in designing, delivering and anchoring their transformational leadership development.

They include global organizations such as Adecco, digital and technical driven companies such as VodafoneZiggo, to socially driven authorities such as the Dutch Court of Justice. They all have the same aspiration as your organization, namely:

  1. To develop leaders who lead from within and who drive a strong balance between personal power, teamwork and performance
  2. To accelerate a human centred culture where strategy and people are intertwined in one futureproof organization
  3. To capitalize on individual and collective strengths to enhance drive and fast shifts
  1. To boost close teamwork
  2. To embrace new technology, digitalization and other opportunities
  3. To speed up innovation
  4. To ensure a meaningful work environment that promotes well-being
  5. To act in socially responsible ways
  6. To shift to a sustainable transformational culture

You are looking for a challenging and immersive transformational journey?

Beyond the well-trodden path

Immerse yourself in the inspiration of art and culture, in the captivating lessons of famous artistic leaders and in the secrets of prestigious orchestras, ballets and theaters. All our programs are underpinned by science and best practices of (other) breakthrough business organizations. Moderated by senior leadership experts.

Beyond ‘thinking and talking about’

Let yourself be inspired by an experiential and pragmatic learning journey in which you not only work on gaining new insights, but also on continuously exploring and experimenting with new ways of thinking, working and being in your daily practice. Transforming by doing.

Beyond your expectations

By working exclusively with highly customised programs and in close co-creation with our clients, we guarantee visible results within a few weeks and a deep transformation within 6 months to 2 years.

Futureproof mindset | Close collaboration | Increasing performance

Our approach:

1. Identify:
desired mindset and key behavioural shifts

2. Design:
a breakthrough transformational journey in close co-creation with you

3. Deliver
an immersive learning experience where the mix of interventions closely meets learning needs

4. Maximize
the development journey by continuously monitoring, co-redesigning and adapting the program to arising new learning requirements

5. Anchor
the new way of being, thinking and doing in your organization

We run programs in Dutch, English and French