Renaissance journey

You are a successful leader longing to make a greater impact. With your solid personal and professional experience, you know that you can enhance your contribution, especially in the ever-changing business environment characterized by ambiguity, complexity and uncertainty. You feel the need to rethink your purpose, align your fulfilment and sharpen your leadership qualities to lead yourself, lead others, and lead organizations.         

Renaissance is a deep and immersive learning journey that empowers you to embrace 21st century challenges. Immerse yourself in the inspiration of art and culture, in the captivating lessons of famous artistic leaders and in the secrets of prestigious orchestras, ballets and theaters. Re-Spring is underpinned by science and best practices of breakthrough business organizations.

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    You do not need to know much about art or practice it yourself. Music, photography, dance, film … art inspires and affects everyone. Art touches your subconsciousness, your feelings, your drives. Art activates creativity and brings people together.

    Meet artists and feel their mastery at close quarters. Meet scientists and leadership experts and reflect with them. Connect with and learn from other organizations

    Renaissance is also an experiential and pragmatic learning journey in which you continuously translate your insights into your daily life and work.

    Experienced leaders

    12 weeks (lead time)

    In-person & online

    Rotterdam-The Hague – Metropolitan Area

    Dutch, English or French

    You will explore, experience and experiment the following topics

    At Renaissance Leaders, your development is always related to both the next meaningful phase of your life and to your organization’s themes and goals.

    The 12-months program:

    • Aligns your purpose, ambitions, fulfillment, leadership and performance
    • Unlocks your untapped potential, wherever you are in your leadership development, and
    • Helps you take a big step in your personal and professional growth so that you immediately apply your gained insights in the workplace

    Phase 1 – Center

    • Your personal power
    • Your deepest life and work purpose
    • Your real desires and ambition
    • Your creativity and courage
    • Your well-being

    Phase 2 – Connect

    • Your impact on others
    • Your understanding of others
    • Foster shared leadership
    • Build teamwork
    • Win others

    Phase 3 – Conquer

    • Systems thinking
    • Creativeness
    • Influence others
    • Engage others
    • Anchor

    The 12-months program provides:


    Online intake & self-reflection (assignments & online assessment)

    Months 1-4

    phase 1

    Months 5-8

    phase 2

    Months 9-12

    phase 3

    Each phase involves:

    • in-person sessions (3 days)
    • exploration & experimentation (inspiring assignments, à-la-carte cultural interventions & online coaching)
    • sharing and challenging/ stretching each other (with your peers and instructors)

    Prepare | Be inspired | Transform & perform

    How will you learn?

    Principles of the Renaissance Leaders way of working.

    Inspiring and impactful experiences with famous artistic leaders and prestigious cultural institutions, and with renowned scientists and influential leadership experts throughout the program.

    Small groups to maximize personalized attention and deep reflection, and create a safe climate.

    From dialogue to performances, silence to vibrant interaction, inspiring class locations to theaters, nature to the urban environment, self-reflection to acting, sharing to coaching.

    Peers from other organizations will feed your mind, body, and soul, and challenge you in your growth as a leader.

    Connect with and learn from the breakthroughs in other organizations

    Make it happen! Don’t just stick to intentions and plans. During the program, transform yourself in your daily life and work concretely and pragmatically.

    This program is for

    Change makers seeking a challenging and immersive program that goes beyond the well-trodden path.

    Executives looking for inspiration and tools to drive organizational transformation.

    Experienced and ambitious leaders seeking to reflect and upgrade their global leadership qualities (leading oneself, leading others, and leading organizations).

    Leaders with more than 8 years of management experience and leadership responsibility.

    Leaders with professional and educational experience at academic level.

    Senior leaders who lead other managers.

    Open and driven leaders with an explorative mindset.

    Leaders seeking to connect with and learn from other organizations and like-minded peers.

    Practical information
    • Lead time: 12 month
    • Group size: 8 to 14 participants
    • Locations: Rotterdam – The Hague Metropolitan Area
    • Price: € 9.950 excluding local sales tax, catering and accommodation
    • Language: Dutch, English of French
    • Time commitment: 3 x 3 days in-person sessions (including 2 evenings per session) and +/- 8 hours a month for self-reflection, experimentation and practice in your daily life and work
    How to apply
    1. Submit your application and preferred dates
    2. Our admission committee will check your application and confirm your registration
    3. If admitted, proceed to payment
    4. Congratulations, you can start your Renaissance journey!

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